Cloud Solutions are the future of the data center, yet the rationale for the impending shift can be ambiguous. Cloud adoption is outpacing on-premise infrastructure growth, yet there is no clear path of how to get there. Meanwhile, you have business to take care of!

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The bottom line: Since you can’t touch or see the cloud, you need to be able to communicate with and rely on the entity that provides it.

What are the benefits of KIS cloud adoption?


KIS guarantees that our clients’ desktops and infrastructure will be as fast, or faster, than the existing desktops and infrastructure.

Performance Based

KIS uses a performance-based method, rather than the traditional configuration-based model. We think differently than our competition. How? Just ask us!

Lower CapEx & OpEx

Clients experience lower CapEx and OpEx costs when switching to a KIS hosted solution, meaning more budget for R&D and IT and a happier CFO!

Green IT

It’s not just a buzzword! Clients experience reduced energy costs and may qualify for rebates from their utilities provider.

Who benefits from cloud adoption?

Nearly everyone in the modern world, from organizations with small or no IT department, to rapidly growing enterprises.

Why make the shift?

  • Significantly reduce overall TCO, lower operational costs and lower capital expenditures.
  • Maintain business autonomy while accommodating growth.
  • Simplify and optimize your technology infrastructure.
  • Increase operational competencies and workflow.
  • Respond to data center facility constraints and the ability to scale-out with ease.
  • Improve IT reliability, quality of service and sustainability.
  • Disaster recovery and preparedness when the unexpected occurs by ensuring business resiliency and continuity.

Why KIS?


KIS considers the CPU (processing), RAM and disc space (storage) components of each unique client situation to construct a framework that best suits their use cases.


KIS has been an industry leader for 25 years. We’ve spent these years vetting out what doesn’t work. Whether you require a large virtual desktop build out, or a small hosted email platform, KIS has the know-how to make IT work.


Buy only what you need with the guaranteed ability to expand or contract on demand, with flexible payment options that work for you.


Our datacenters are fully monitored with 24-hour security, climate control, and APC power management.


Support coverage with proactive management and monitoring. No queue, no service requests, no hold up. So you can get back to business.

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