Consulting is at the core of our business. As a multi-platform consulting and support provider, Keep IT Simple (KIS) Computer Center works with our clients to build a stable, manageable, network using “best of breed” technologies. Our professional services groups are built around 4 General Cores (Network, Management, Information Security, and Storage), and are further separated into 26 Specific Practice Areas. Our clients benefit from the expertise KIS has gained in these practice area to facilitate successful solutions.

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Managed Services

Managed Services, synonymous with Systems Administration, are offered by Keep IT Simple (KIS) with a variety of on-site and remote support contracts and time frames. Depending on your approved requirements, our contracts range from several hours a month to 40-hour blocks.

We provide these managed services:

  • Login restrictions, passwords, security, & applications
  • Security for users and applications
  • Groups (i.e. Accounting, Admin, Printers, Sales, etc.)
  • Install new software on file server and workstations
  • Determine logical directory structure, implement, map, and detail
  • Install and test new PCs, printers, and modems
  • Educate and correct user errors (deleted files, corrupted files, etc.)
  • Provide training to assistant system administrator
  • Alert office manager to dangerous conditions
  • Watch for unusual activity among users
  • Coordinate all hardware failures to KIS service department (or third party, if needed)
  • Maintain integrity of backups and restores
  • Clean and prune directory structure, keep efficient and active
  • Coordinate with outside offices, corporate MIS, third-party vendors
  • Monthly meetings with designated personnel for any changes/status updates
  • Quarterly meetings with sales and System Administrator to present any proposals
  • Monthly reports of work accomplished and work in progress

Network Infrastructure Consulting

Keep IT Simple’s team of experienced and knowledgeable network consulting engineers assist with network infrastructure, design, and maintenance for small-medium size business, large enterprises, and state, local government organizations.

We pride ourselves on taking the time to understand the complexities of our clients’ business requirements and how each element of the network will need to operate to make the most of your IT investment.

KIS has a wide range of Network Infrastructure expertise in the design and implementation of high-speed networks, campus environments, remote access solutions, and wireless networks including:

Business Requirement Assessment





Information Security Consulting

InfoSec is more than just implementing a hardware or software solution - it’s a process. You need to understand what you’re trying to protect, from whom you are defending it, how you will protect it, and know when you have been successful. InfoSec is only a theory until it is tested.

At Keep IT Simple, we have secured the networks of hundreds of organizations including Fortune 500 companies with complex multi-site networks, government agencies, and small businesses. Our technical expertise and reputation for quality has landed us preferred partner status with the leading InfoSec product vendors.

Our InfoSec consulting services include:

Information Security Policy Development

Information Security Technology Implementation

Information Security Testing and Assessment

Information Security Monitoring

See the Information Security solutions page for more details or schedule a free consultation today.

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