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HPE Aruba Networking and Keep IT Simple (KIS) services have formed a dynamic partnership that brings together cutting-edge technology solutions and streamlined IT services to empower the tech engineering community. Leveraging the robust networking infrastructure provided by HPE Aruba, coupled with the expertise of KIS services in delivering simplified and efficient IT solutions, this collaboration aims to revolutionize the way businesses approach their technological challenges. Integrating HPE Aruba's advanced networking solutions with KIS services' commitment to simplicity results in a seamless and agile environment for tech engineers to thrive. Experience the future of tech engineering by getting a demo today and witness firsthand how this partnership is shaping the landscape of innovation and efficiency in the digital era.


Why do industry experts choose HPE Aruba Networking?

Get both performance and Zero Trust Security—without sacrificing one for the other—with a unified and automated approach to data center networking from HPE Aruba Networking.

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Accelerate network and security provisioning to streamline day-to-day operations across rack-scale compute, storage, and cloud infrastructure.

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Protect your entire data center network with advanced security services at the server-network edge to detect issues before they impact your most critical applications.

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Multiple, siloed network management tools increase complexity and risk. Unify and simplify network connectivity from edge to campus to data center and cloud on a single cloud-native platform.

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Quickly adapt to changing business dynamics with the flexibility to choose how and when you acquire, deploy, and manage network services―on proven, reliable hardware and software.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) by the Numbers


Explore the transformative capabilities of the Total Economic Impact analysis for HPE GreenLake, providing a comprehensive understanding of the financial benefits and strategic advantages of adopting this innovative hybrid cloud and edge computing solution.


Shortened time-to-market of deployed IT projects


Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) for infrastructure

$21.2 m

Net present value (NPV)

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Consider HPE Aruba Networking When


HPE Aruba Networking is positioned in the Leaders category in the 2023 IDC MarketScape for worldwide SD-WAN infrastructure.

HPE Aruba Networking SD-WAN has approximately 3,650 SD-WAN enterprise customers. The top vertical markets for the SD-WAN offering include manufacturing, finance and insurance, healthcare, retail and hospitality, and professional, scientific, and technical services. Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN is ideal for customers who prioritize strong WAN optimization capabilities in their SD-WAN. Aruba EdgeConnect SD-Branch is ideal for customers who are looking for an SD-Branch architecture that combines centralized management of LAN, WLAN, and SD-WAN for branch and microbranch sites.

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Intelligent data center switching

Evolve your data center network to simplify architecture, enhance performance, and reduce costs—all with the strongest embedded security:

  • A new generation of switching architecture: HPE Aruba Networking’s CX 10000 with AMD Pensando™ is a new category of data center switch that combines best-of-breed L2/3 switching with the industry's first hardware-accelerated services processor.
  • A cloud-native networking architecture: The HPE Aruba Networking CX switching portfolio is designed for today’s evolving data center networks. Cutting-edge hardware, a cloud-native operating system, and intuitive management tools reduce risk, improve IT efficiency, and ensure networks are always available.
  • Accelerate with software-defined automation and orchestration: HPE Aruba Networking Fabric Composer is an intelligent, API-driven, software-defined orchestration tool that simplifies and accelerates leaf-spine network fabric provisioning across rack-scale compute and storage infrastructures—increasing efficiencies and improving productivity for network operators and server and virtualization admins.
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A reshaped security and networking landscape

The perimeter has dissolved. With hyper-distributed organizations and hybrid work models, people and devices are operating in multiple contexts—all of which must be securely connected:

  • Security vs. performance: IT teams face the growing need to reconcile easily available network connectivity for users and devices—no matter where they are—by locking down the infrastructure to protect the organization. How do you balance the business' security needs with flexibility and productivity?
  • Complex compliance: Regional regulatory and industry-specific cybersecurity, data privacy, and risk management requirements present ongoing challenges for network and security teams to keep up with. Is your organization security compliant? - Too many tools: Security ecosystems are becoming increasingly complex. Management is an endless task leading to overwhelming amounts of data. So, how can you simplify and gain greater visibility and control?
  • Bringing teams together: Network and security teams are looking to enhance collaboration as they pursue common goals for protection and innovation. But without exception, the goals of both teams must be satisfied. How can your network align connectivity and security goals?

HPE Aruba Networking Components

HPE Aruba Networking components form a critical ecosystem within HPE's comprehensive portfolio, encompassing cutting-edge hardware, software, and services. From high-performance servers and storage solutions to advanced networking technologies, HPE solutions and products are designed to empower businesses with the scalable and reliable infrastructure needed to thrive in today's dynamic digital landscape.

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Secure your edge with unified SASE

HPE Aruba Networking unified SASE provides a connectivity fabric that comprises award-winning SSE and industry-leading SD-WAN in a single solution to meet the increasing demand for integrated networking and security solutions delivered as a service.

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Secure your campus

When implementing a wired and/or wireless network managed by HPE Aruba Networking Central, security is front and center with AI-powered, cloud-native network and policy automation. Deploy an AI-powered security-first network management solution that provides built-in protection at scale with cloud-native visibility.

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Secure your data center

Enable secure, seamless, and safe digital workspaces across facilities, campuses, and home offices for maximum productivity and organizational resilience.

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Secure your cloud with unified SSE

Enable a workplace where access to any business resource can be simple, secure, and reliable. Successfully secure work from anywhere and use adaptive trust and continuous monitoring to increase security and protect your business from threats—while optimizing each connection to deliver a productive end-user experience.

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Collaboration between HPE Aruba Networking and Keep IT Simple

Evolve your data center network—from sprawl and costly server agents to a unified, more efficient data center

HPE Aruba Networking and Keep IT Simple (KIS) services have joined forces to deliver a seamless and robust solution to the tech engineering community. The collaboration aims to integrate the cutting-edge networking technologies offered by HPE Aruba with the streamlined and efficient IT services provided by KIS. This strategic partnership envisions empowering tech engineers with a comprehensive infrastructure that meets and exceeds the demands of modern technology ecosystems.

By combining the expertise of HPE Aruba Networking, renowned for its innovative networking solutions, and the specialized IT services of Keep IT Simple, known for simplifying complex technological landscapes, this collaboration promises to revolutionize the way tech engineering operates. Whether it's optimizing network performance, ensuring security compliance, or streamlining IT operations, the integrated approach from HPE Aruba and KIS is designed to address the multifaceted challenges faced by tech engineers today.

To experience the transformative power of this collaboration, we invite tech engineering professionals to take advantage of a live demonstration. Witness firsthand how the synergy between HPE Aruba Networking and Keep IT Simple services can elevate your technological infrastructure to new heights. Don't miss the opportunity to explore the possibilities that await you in the realm of advanced networking and IT services – schedule a demo now and stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of technology.

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High-achieving Georgia school district addresses rapidly evolving curriculum demands with Aruba CX, Central and UXI.

“Despite being a small district with a small IT team, we now have one of the best K-12 networks in our state, plus our Aruba solution saves us time, energy and resources. We absolutely love it.”

Roman Gaddis (Executive Director of Technology) Dawson County Schools

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Innovative multi-agency Wi-Fi Bus proof of concept delivers connectivity to digital deserts using Aruba SD-Branch Gateways, Wi-Fi and Central.

“We wanted to find a practical and cost-effective way to bring high-performance Wi-Fi connectivity to digital deserts to serve our residents during these days of tele-everything.”

Lori Pepper (Deputy Secretary, Innovative Mobility Solutions) CalSTA

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“Smart Living-as-a-Service” innovator is transforming the multifamily connectivity paradigm with Aruba ESP, Central and UXI.

“With our Aruba network we can innovate rapidly as we continue transforming multifamily dwelling into smart spaces that can keep pace with the evolving ways people live and work in their homes.”

Blake Miller (Founder and CEO) Homebase

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