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Posted by Sean Canevaro on July 15, 2019

Sean Canevaro (CEO of KIS)If we look at successful businesses, there are dozens of factors that are responsible for their successes; but the most significant one that ensures the sustainability of the business is client satisfaction.


Today, we can definitely say that client satisfaction is a key performance indicator that helps businesses to measure customer loyalty, identify problems, reduce cost, and increase revenue. However, many companies still find it challenging to ensure the satisfaction of their clientele. 

To the contrary, despite the challenges, some companies continue to meet the expectation of their clients consistently. What separates these few companies from the increased competition is the ability to understand the unique requirements of clients and provide them the right solutions at every touch point. Keep IT Simple (KIS), a leading IT solutions provider in the US, is one such company that truly understands the value of client satisfaction in business and has built its entire organization purely to achieve that goal. 

Unlike other solution providers, the team at KIS delves deep into understanding its clients’ requirements and delivers solutions that are comprehensive and customized in nature. Sean Canevaro, CEO of KIS, says, “We are all very devoted to client satisfaction, and that goes from our driver to engineers, salespeople, to our accounting people and marketing folks and also to KIS partners. “We all are dedicated to creating client satisfaction.”

A gentle start 

KIS started its journey in 1988 with the singular goal of helping clients to achieve their business objectives and thereby forming a mutual relationship with them. Taking pride in its ability to ensure clients’ satisfaction, Sean says, “We help our clients to achieve the goals that allow us to form a mutual relationship which lasts for many years.” 

Since KIS’s foundation is built on values such as customer satisfaction, their benefits also reflect on the offered solutions. This mindset with which it operates has also helped KIS to keep pace with changing technology trends and complete thousands of projects, implementations, as well as responding to mission-critical emergencies in record time. 

For its quality-driven services, KIS has numerous notable awards in the industry and has established its brand identity in the market with a client following.  Today, the company’s major clients come from California and beyond, which includes Fortune 500 companies with complex multi-site networks, government agencies, academic organizations, and small businesses.

"We help our clients to achieve the goals that allow us to form a mutual relationship which lasts for many years."

Services are at our core

With the rise of digital transformation, businesses are prompted to increase their digital footprints. This increase in digital footprint brings about innovations that allow KIS to remain connected with their clients and grow in the technology market. While new technologies allow the clients to stay ahead of their competition, it also presents them with a set of challenges concerning security, storage, growth, and lifecycle management. To avoid growing pains due to the adaptation of new technologies, companies need to rely on KIS to strengthen their IT infrastructure and build a secure and safe network.

Reliable IT infrastructure is where KIS comes into play with its unique services. Through their practice areas (cloud, security, management, MSP, and more), KIS provides customized solutions from the ground up. Starting from a typical assessment process, KIS understands its customers’ existing IT infrastructure and requirements. Then, KIS designs and implements distinctive solutions by the client’s requirements. Sean adds, “We want to find out how the client’s existing infrastructure is working for them. During the assessment, KIS can help the clients to identify rapid and easy ways for them to improve their environment, without having to purchase anything new.” This assessment process also helps customers to understand their security protocols and enhance their infrastructure against any potential attacks and threats.

KIS: preferred security partner for clients

Today, KIS has become a preferred partner for its clients. Sean claims, “We have clients that have been with us for more than 20 years, who formed the foundation of KIS company. Sean further adds, “Our relationships with our clients typically grows over time into trusted advisors in many areas, where we are involved in nearly all aspects of technology implementations.” By providing top-notch services, KIS has built a long-lasting relationship with its partners and clients.

How KIS strategizes its future

When we asked Sean about the future of KIS, he states, “Our future remains the same as it was 31 years ago, which is - creating client satisfaction.” With this continued commitment, KIS will work whole-heartedly for its clients and enable them to achieve their goals. “We are dedicated to working for our clients to achieve their desired outcomes with the hope and expectations that if we help clients to achieve their goals, they will contact KIS again with another project,” concludes Sean. That has been true since 1988 and continues to be true today.


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