Sean Canevaro

Sean has over 35 years of professional experience in the IT Solutions Industry, spanning a wide range of areas including, product management, product marketing, consulting and business development. Sean has a profound understanding of both the technical and business aspects of building and implementing enterprise IT solutions and services. He possesses deep expertise in Virtualization technologies, is fully certified and well-versed in vendor solutions across the board. Sean’s dedication to his clients and employees, long history of community involvement and set him apart from many business owners in the industry.

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KIS - From the Trenches, Creating a Unique Cloud Experience

Posted by Sean Canevaro on July 19, 2019

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Keep IT Simple - Ensuring positive customer experiences with its innovative solutions

Posted by Sean Canevaro on July 15, 2019

Sean Canevaro (CEO of KIS)If we look at successful businesses, there are dozens of factors that are responsible for their successes; but the most significant one that ensures the sustainability of the business is client satisfaction.


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