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Posted by Sean Canevaro on July 19, 2019

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An organization can take two separate paths when choosing a cloud solution provider. It can go with a popular self-service cloud such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud, and rely on its internal team of networking and IT professionals for design, implementation, migration as well as everyday troubleshooting and maintenance
activities. Or it can call upon the services of KIS, a Silicon Valley-based IT solutions provider that offers a best-of-breed full-service cloud environment, and reap the benefits of 24 x 7 support and a totally customizable and unique cloud experience. With a commitment to be present on site, in the trenches, with the clients, tackling various challenges related to design, implementation, and migration and taking the lead in resolving all issues related to moving to the cloud, KIS takes pride in providing implementations, mission-critical emergency repairs, and support services to the clients at their premises while helping them move to the cloud.

Sean Canevaro (CEO of KIS)To put things in perspective, the full-service cloud offering from KIS allows an organization to move their specific version of Microsoft Exchange Server, SQL, SharePoint, Windows OS, as well as every other application the client needs, and run their operations on an architecture in the cloud that is completely isolated just for that client. In comparison, an organization leveraging a self-service cloud would have a limited menu to choose from with regard to on-demand applications and services, as well as almost certainly having to upgrade/change during the migration, adding intolerable risk to the cloud effort for many clients.

Essentially, self-service clouds maximize the usage of their resources—be it networking, memory or storage—by laying one client next to another in an enormous virtual environment. KIS, on the other hand, adopts a “bubble wrap approach” by taking a certain set of resources as requested by the clients, before churning out an exclusive cloud experience for each client. “There are no real shared resources, from our standpoint, as opposed to selfservice clouds. For example, after determining how much storage a client needs, we provide them a discreet unit. This gives the
client significant security and total control, over their operations, which they couldn’t have in a self-service cloud,” explains Sean Canevaro, CEO of KIS.

"Our bubble-wrapped approach is distinctly different from all of the self-service clouds, and we feel much better for all clients, especially small and medium businesses"

By deploying isolated resources for each customer, KIS is able to create a superior overall cloud experience for each client. While such a concentrated approach could curtail KIS’ ability to expand its clientele, Canevaro views it as a small price to pay
to ensure a happier customer base. For over 30 years, KIS has been “in the trenches” with a loyal client base that has seen the Fremont, CA-based organization evolve from a virtualization and IT consultancy expert to a full-fledged cloud services provider.
“Seven years ago, our state-of-the-art cloud service empowered clients with the ability to perform 1,000 operations per second. After undergoing four revisions to the KIS Cloud Platform in Fremont CA, Houston TX, and Kansas City MO, these same
clients can now execute 25,000 operations per second, and they are paying us the same service fee that was levied over seven years ago,” says Canevaro. All of these advantages for our cloud clients come without the need for them to plan for downtime,
buy new hardware, implement new systems, and upgrade new versions. For them, it just gets faster, and better. The same will be true 7 years from now. Clients will continue to get better and better experiences the longer they are in the KIS Cloud.

Since many of KIS’s clients have various certification and compliance requirements, the organization integrates unique parameters in its full-service cloud to enable a smooth and automated process. Canevaro recounts the severe challenges faced by one such long-time customer that manufactures special gloves, clappers, and other innovative products. This client, running a large enterprise on their on-prem system, endured almost weekly downtime. Despite their hardware needing a significant upgrade, KIS recommended them to move to a full-service cloud instead of expending resources elsewhere. “We moved all their virtual machines, all of their servers and desktops into our cloud, and then provided backup, and disaster recovery services. Within three months, we took them from a completely unworkable on-prem solution, into an organization capable of surviving any data breach or technology malfunction,” adds Canevaro. They recently moved, and employees were able to go back and forth from their old offices to their new offices, and their systems worked in both locations through the entire process.

In 2019, KIS plans to launch a myriad of new solutions into the KIS Cloud that are typically implemented only on an enterprise-level. For example, a $100,000 security solution that was previously unaffordable by any midsize or small-size organization can now be leveraged in the KIS cloud. According to Canevaro, KIS will allow up to 50 clients to jointly benefit from this high end, Enterprise based solution. “Every solution we implement for our on-prem clients at the enterprise level can now be implemented inside our cloud, and be made available to our small and medium clients,” concludes Canevaro.


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